Feeling gives meaning to all things.

There is nothing in heaven or earth which has any meaning to us except as our own heart (feeling realm / emotional realm) permits that meaning to be established within us.

The mere fact that a person may consciously perceive the truth does not necessarily provide meaning for that Individual. The heart must come into play in relationship to that perception if it is to have meaning in our lives. The heart provides the connecting link with the subconscious aspect of mind.

We know that the subconscious mind has no power of logic or reason and the conscious mind has no power of memory. Anything the conscious mind is aware of must be transferred to the subconscious mind if it is to be remembered.

The effectiveness of memory depends upon the depth, or degree or power of that which is conveyed into the subconscious mind.

And it is this perception aspect which provides the pattern of connection or association. But the memory aspect of the subconscious mind must be correlated with the logic and reason aspects of the conscious mind if our mind, as a whole, is to function correctly.

Mankind has failed to properly comprehend the correct uses of reason and logic. Man has attempted to make the capacity of reason and logic a substitute for the wisdom of their indwelling spirit. Likewise, it is impossible for the conscious mind of man, by the use of logic and reason, to arrive at a true comprehension of truth.

Much of the futility in life is completely unnecessary, because human beings set for themselves goals which are not in harmony with the wisdom and purpose of their own indwelling spirit. And any human being is going to be subject to a sense of futility until he begins to move in the direction of that wisdom and purpose. The real happiness appears in an individual’s life only as he begins to move into alignment with the wisdom and purpose of his indwelling spirit. It is only then that he begins to realize his own personal purpose in life.

The previous paragraphs are the words of the late Uranda, my former spiritual leader of years ago.

The following represents the concise words of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi:

There are two different paths in this world. One is a path of CONTROL and this expresses through the ego, which is your greatest enemy. Energies can and do attach to the ego, and they express lies which lead to death. This is the path of 99.9% of human beings on this planet.

The other path is the path of CARING. This is the path of your inner spirit, the DIVINE power of LOVE that gives you breath in every moment. This is the voice of truth and wisdom. It is the only means by which you can develop your Divine destiny.

That spirit created you, and it knows your potential. It knows the important part that only YOU can play in this life and gives you the breath to do it. It doesn’t try to control, it only encourages you to allow it to express. No lies, only truth.

Life or death are the choices!

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