Interest in ancient medical texts on health and healing has been increasing in recent years. Coincidentally, I recently uncovered notes I made for a speech I gave 1973 to a large group in California. With a few touch ups, it sounds fitting for today. Here it is:

I think all of the healing systems that can be called Holistic share a common belief that the Universe is a unified field of energy that is the origin of all form and substance. This belief is amply expressed in the ancient Chinese Classic of Medicine (the Neijing Suwen in 240 BC). Authorship of this classic was attributed to Huang Di, also referred to as the Great Yellow Emperor, who reigned in the middle of third century BC.

As it indicates in this classic text, pure energy is the root of the human body. This vital force which supports and sustains all life has been given a variety of names. You might know some of these names as Qi (Chi), Ki, Ka, Prana, and my personal preference… Life Force.

Some physicians are now postulating that the universe is made up of unified fields of energy… a complex web of relationships between various parts of a unified whole. Some people call this power that connects all things love or divine energy… even God.

So it seems that all is well in the cosmos. There is order… there is design. And everything can be considered energy. That means it all has wavelengths (or wave motion). So we can give it a variety of names to describe it, such as amplitude, phase, etc. Everything is moving; everything has a frequency.

In considering this matter of phase and wavelength, you get a decrease in the amplitude (of a sound), or rather a decrease in resonance, if — for example — two wavelengths are too out of phase. That’s pretty simple! Everything in this world is somewhat out of phase. It’s to the point where there is a reduction in amplitude, a reduction in the energy level, a reduction in the resonance with that universal energy of love that we’re here to transmit. The creative process that is going on beautifully in the rest of the cosmos should be continued on earth through us; however, we are creating a world that is more and more out of phase, because we are increasingly out of phase.

It didn’t just happen by accident. Energy follows thought. For example, if my thought processes are out of phase, they’re not in sync with that universal energy of love. If it’s not freely moving through me, something is created which is not in sync with what is going on in the larger picture out there.

I don’t know whose responsibility it is “out there” in various places, but I do know that it’s our responsibility here on earth to create that resonance in us that increases the amplitude so that the creative process continues on earth as it was designed to continue.

Since energy follows thought, my thoughts must continually focus in a creative direction. My desire must be in sync with that universal flow and let it move through me. That process has to consume my thoughts. And once the desire is there, it leads me into ACTION. I’m going to creatively move in a certain direction. If I want to get from here to there, I move in that direction. I don’t move in a different direction. But that’s what we’ve been doing. We start in our desired direction, but then something in this aberrant world that’s out of phase will get our attention. And once it gets our attention, the energy will follow our thought processes. We’re no longer in sync. We’re no longer moving in the direction of our desire.

For us to achieve our desires, the thought processes have to be all-consuming, and moving in the right direction I have to be on fire (so to speak) with that desire!

Now… I can’t directly set that kind of fire in you, and you can’t set one in me. You’ve got to set the fire yourself. It takes a certain amount of stillness and calm in your emotional realm to light that fire. But once it is lit, you MOVE! You don’t sit and meditate about it. You move in the direction of your desire. And you keep moving.

I have created this website to help you in your journey to the new you — that version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of being – the version of you that will be in sync with the universal flow of LOVE which creates a better world for all of us.