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Want you to know how very much the Divine Energy is helping me. I have had a very physically and emotionally exhausting summer taking care of many very sick members of our church family, and I seemed to have unending strength and endurance to keep going and caring for God’s children. So many people have asked me how I keep doing it all. I tell them that the strength, energy and endurance is not mine, but comes from my Lord. He will give us whatever we need to do whatever He calls us to do. Thank you, Bill, for continuing to be His vessel of caring love and His instrument through which His Divine Power and Energy can reach and touch and bring healing strength and peace to His children. What a very special and blessed ministry He has given you. Thank you for using it for His Glory and Honor.

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in March of 2014. Coincidentally, I saw Bill the day after my first treatment of chemo and targeted therapy. Even though he had a room full of patients of his own, he walked me into his office and asked me if I would accept him sending energy to me. I said yes and he began sending me energy daily.

At diagnoses I had a large breast tumor, enlarged lymph nodes and three large tumors in my liver with multifocal tumors throughout, too many to count. Less than 6 weeks later, my liver values were almost normal. The tumor in my breast was shrinking and the lymph nodes were no longer palpable. Within 2 months, the breast tumor had decreased to half its size. Within 4 months, the breast tumor was becoming difficult to measure because it began blending with adjacent tissue. At 7 months, the tumor had disappeared. Subsequent CT scans show no sign of a tumor. The three tumors in my liver reacted much the same way as the breast tumor. Decreasing in size and then gone.

Throughout treatment, Bill sent energy daily. At times, more than once a day. At first, he called me so that I could prepare by sitting in a comfortable position and having an exact start and end time. I live with 2 cats and a dog. It was not at all unusual to find my lap covered with all 3 animals during energy time. In fact, even when Bill sends energy during the night while I am sleeping, I know he is because the animals will come to lay by my side.

My oncologist calls me, her patient, an exceptional responder. I call myself fortunate and lucky indeed to have Bill in my life. The energy he sends is an integral component to the wellness and health in my life. The energy isn’t always easy and pleasant feeling, but I’ve come to know it feels unpleasant sometimes because it is new to me. I’ve also experienced a deeper connection within my own work that has been noticed by my clients. And for the first time in my 55 years, I have begun to pursue art and enjoy working and playing with mixed media.

I feel as through the energy I receive is as necessary as breathing at this point. Because of Bill and his tireless efforts on my behalf, I am still a mother, still working on my own clients, and living a creative and lovely life.

Thank you, Bill.

Diane B.

I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Bill Plikerd for 30 years. Dr. Plikerd has always had “Powers from Above”. When I was a young adult with headaches, he was able to manipulate and do cranial adjustments to give me relief. I no longer have headaches, if I do, they are nothing like before Dr. Plikerd worked on me.

Dr. Plikerd began my blessings about 1 1/2 – 2 years ago for my back. I have a long-standing history with my back, seen many Doctors, even a holistic doctor. My surgeon said I needed surgery whenever I was ready. My husband and I have discussed and decided we would wait until I could no longer function. Enter Dr. Plikerd. Since I have been receiving his blessings, I have not had any of my “spells” (which usually came every 3 months like clockwork and kept me down for 5 – 7 days).

This spring I began dealing with pretty high blood pressure. I asked Dr. Plikerd to focus his blessings on my HBP. Within 3-4 days my blood pressure lowered and I was feeling much better. But then, my back started hurting again, so I asked Dr. Plikerd to focus on BOTH my back and HBP. I can honestly say, I feel better with his blessings and will continue asking for them when issues arise.

I am forever grateful for his blessings!

Sandy K.

Bill is a very caring person. He has consistently sent me healing energy for months. I have been challenged with autoimmune diseases and the side effects of drugs used to treat them. Bill has helped me to be more at peace as I travel this journey. Tapering off steroids has been unsuccessful 8 times. My current attempt has been tolerated much better and I am hoping my adrenals will be able to function normally this time and that I will become steroid free. I am so thankful for Bill’s desire to minister to me through his sending of healing energy.

Natalee B.

I just wanted everyone to know how much I was helped during my illness. I was told in January 2018 that I had stage one breast cancer. I was getting ready for surgery and found out that my insurance would pay only $125.00 towards the surgery. I was turning 65 in May so I decided to wait till May to have the surgery. In the meantime Dr. Plikerd started sending me energy through texting me. I will let you know that this has helped my whole body. Not just the cancer which didn’t spread outside the mass but my whole body. I feel better physically and mentally than I have in at least 15 years. The mass from my breast was removed this week and it didn’t spread into the lymph node like the doctor said it should have.

Thanks to the energy that Dr. Plikerd had been sending. Thank you so much.

Karen M.

As I am aging, I feel that my nerves are not as solid as they used to be. I feel overwhelmed more often and can let myself become stressed. By mid-November 2018, I realized that I needed help. A friend recommended I call Dr. Bill (Dr. William Plikerd) a renown Trivedi Effect Healer.

Dr. Bill’s professionalism, soothing voice and comforting words made me confident I found someone I could trust. Dr. Bill listened to my requirements and asked me if I could let them go for a while, and spend time within, with my emotions and focus on being open to receive Divine energy.

As soon as Dr. Bill began his work with the Energy Transmissions, I felt a level of calmness I did not experience before. The overwhelm and stress subsided and my reaction to things that caused me grief and stress just a few weeks before, felt easy and even trivial.

Besides that, the connection to my Spirit flourished in a way that surprised me. A floodgate of guidance opened, and I received answers to questions I did not know I had. Now, I trust my guidance even more and understand in a deeper way I am supported in everything I do.

Dr. Bill is a very effective Energy Healer and I would recommend him to anyone that needs help in any area of their life.

Johanne D., Quebec, Canada

Over the years, I managed my stress with prescription medications, alternative therapies, spiritual practices and most recently, cannabis CBD remedies. Though each would address the issue, it was always a temporary “fix”. My soul thirsted for a long-term solution.

I first met Dr. William Plikerd in 2014 and resonated with him immediately. It was when I heard he had become a scientifically validated Trivedi Effect Life Force Energy Healer that I turned to him for help. During our initial phone consultation, I felt reassured this was the answer to my prayers.

After my first Life Force Energy Transmission, I was overcome by a profound calmness and inner peace. Faced with a multitude of responsibilities and challenges, I felt as if I was sitting in the eye of the storm, stripped of all doubts and stress, as I watched unaffected by outcomes. I experienced an intensified clarity, focus and energy. My intuition is working at a higher level and, for the first time, I feel truly happy and content all without the use of any medication, therapies or practices. This, in turn, has brought me closer to the God of my Understanding and with it, a deeper trust in the unfolding of my life.

I continue to receive his Divine Energy Transmissions. For anyone that is thirsting for lasting positive changes in their life, Dr. Bill comes with my highest recommendation.

Donna A., Longview, Washington

Thank you Dr. Bill. You have been sending powerful healing energy to me as I have been recovering from my medical adventure of 2017. I am recovering well and feeling good. I am deeply grateful to you for all your help. I can feel your sending. Hope others will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to aid healing and wellbeing. THANK you, dear spirit brother. Keep up the good work!!!!

Dr. Becky Jones, Retired Chiropractor

Four years ago I suffered a serious stroke. It left me with many issues… pain, paralysis, speech, vision, confusion, impatience and anger issues. These issues were ongoing and varied. This was very difficult for me and especially my wife.

Since receiving your energy transmissions I am happy to report that my overall health has improved dramatically. My mental state is positive and determined. This had been a concern before I received your energy blessings. My mind has become sharper and its ability to make extended and complex decisions has improved greatly. I now can appreciate the depth of thoughts and actions in my daily life that have greatly improved and become more clear than ever before.

My body has improved as well. I have learned that each challenge I am presented with, a solution will be provided. It is so gratifying to realize that my mind and body is capable of improvement and growth. Doctors had told me to expect a plateau in my healing process but they have been incorrect. I notice improvement weekly.

The energy you are providing has continued to give me hope and an optimism for my health. I am forever grateful.

Dale D.

I first was introduced to Dr. Plikerd in 1973 in regards to a business matter. For the past 47 years, we have maintained both a personal and business relationship.

In the past two years, I developed significant knee and back pain resulting in knee replacement surgery, which did not go well. It was also recommended that I have back fusion of several vertebrae. It was at this point I sought the advice of Bill as to how to deal with both issues. The last thing I wanted was further surgery.

With Bill’s guidance and prayers as well as the daily messages he has sent, the knee issues have abated and the back pain has been eliminated. Result NO SURGERY!

Bill is a wonderful person blessed with a special gift that he has so graciously shared with many individuals.

I often look back to that day in 1973 when we were introduced and feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to be and remain Bill’s friend.

Tony D.
I have been receiving divine energy from Doctor Plikerd for 5 years. On April 6, 2013 I was in a car accident which resulted in a Diffuse Axonal Traumatic Brain Injury. At first it was unclear whether I would survive the accident. Soon after brain surgery the surgeon told my family that I will most likely be a vegetable. Doctor Plikerd then called my family once he heard the news. He told my family that the surgeon was wrong. He could feel my life force and that I would be ok. After his declaration my mom knew in her heart that he spoke the truth. I truly believe Divine Energy gave me strength to wake up from my coma. At this time I lived in Florida and he in Ohio. Distance never interfered with the quality of his Divine Energy. Every day I was sent divine energy and my mom received phone calls often. She was instructed to put a hand on me while on the phone line in silence. This helped me calm down when I was having fits and then peacefully fall asleep. Once he was sending Divine Energy to my family and I as a group. I started showing signs of a seizure and he helped prevent it from progressing. It was incredible. Doctor Plikerd has sent me Divine Energy every day since my accident. He helped me through every step of my recovery. Currently he is focusing the divine energy to my Chronic Headaches. I will always have them but his Divine Energy eases the pain. Also, I sleep more peacefully and it helps calm my anxiety. I highly recommend Divine Energy sent by Doctor Plikerd. It is heartfelt, effective, and improves lives. He has dedicated so much time to helping my family and I go through this traumatic time in our lives. I am eternally grateful for his generosity and support. Thank You Doctor Plikerd.

I have been involved in holistic nursing nationally for forty years and delight at the inspiration of my colleague and dear friend, Dr. Bill Plikerd. Both he and his wonderful wife Sharon are committed to bringing light and healing to the world and it has been my pleasure to be a witness and recipient of their Presence.

I have known Dr. Bill since 1990s and have been inspired at his commitment to Spirit working through him, first through his orthodontic practice as a holistic dentist who paid attention to the effect of braces on the cranium and in striving for excellence, offered hands on healing to his patients which made a significant impact on their emotional as well as physical health. As I watched him evolve though the years in his search for excellence, his connection with Guruji and Triveda transmissions has taken his healing practice light years.

My health has been fragile for the past twenty years and I am thankful that every night, Bill is sending me energy so that I can wake up each day with energy and healing. I have experienced help with my heart, my irritable bowel, nerve irritation secondary to viral meningitis, chronic kidney infections, sepsis and more importantly inner strength and joy to bring light to the world as well.

Dr. Bill’s commitment is unending, inspiring and so much appreciated. My gratitude is the greatest for this gift …blessings to you and may you continue to blossom each day.

Thank you. Love.

In April 2018, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Bill and soon after began receiving daily transmissions from him. The intelligent and healing energy that Dr. Bill transmits is powerful, supportive and, best of all, purely loving. I feel clearer in my mind and am experiencing an increase in stamina. My body feels clearer and stronger each day. Much gratitude to you, Dr. Bill!

Angie S.
I am grateful to have Dr. Plikerd sending me thoughts, prayers, and energy. I don’t know what it would be like not getting this every day from him, nor do I want to know. He has been sending me positive energy every morning since my major back surgery in November of 2017. I believe this has helped me and has made it possible for me to get back to my normal daily activities and life, without a lot of medications!
Jessica W.
I started a new job in July of 2017 where I came into contact with the orthodontist who had done my braces decades before. Doc as all the staff lovingly referred to him, Dr. William Plikerd. He was always helping the staff, his patients and anyone who needed it. He talked of energy that he had been sending to some of his close patients and friends. Energy? What in the world was he talking about? How was he going to send them energy? I kept quiet and listened to his patients and staff continue to talk about this energy and how it was helping with some of them. He always had a smile on his face and a kind heart that everyone loved about him.

So one afternoon I had been feeling tired and broken battling an autoimmune disease and feeling like the days were longer than I could stand. He simply asked how I was feeling and I confessed that I was having some trouble and felt wore down and too tired to last the day. He asked if he could send me some energy. (Why not couldn’t hurt right?) That night (wee hours of the morning) I received my first energy from Doc. I smiled to myself and thought I know he is thinking of me. Well from that day forward I have received energy every day from Doc. At first I started to feel a little more energy but I contributed that to the extra caffeine I had been drinking. The days turned into a week and the week into a month. Every day I felt a little better, I was doing nothing different but continued to feel better and have more energy. All I can say is today I feel 100% better than I did in July 2017. Doc doesn’t forget about me and I look forward to the energy every day. I have changed nothing in my diet or medication. I know it is from his energy that today I have no pain and enjoy and look forward to my daily jobs. Not only am I enjoying life but thriving. All I can say is THANKS DOC for your continued energy. I am so blessed.

Jacinda C.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful healing energy you have been sending to me for the past year. I am also grateful to Dottie for letting you know I needed assistance. I was hospitalized last year for serious abdominal problems, spent 3 weeks in and out of emergency rooms and surgery.
My recovery was painful, long and difficult. This amazing energy and loving concern really helped in my healing and recovery.

It also cheered me up considerably knowing I had caring people praying and sending me healing energy. I had a sense of peace and knowing that I would be alright. I am so much better now, and know it is in great part thanks to Dr. Bill’s efforts. Deep gratitude, sir. May you be blessed, loved and cared for as you have blessed us all.

Hope others will learn about this good work you are doing and ask for help for their friends, family and loved ones. It is an amazing gift of love, light and healing.

Thank you so much

Becky J., Pensacola, Florida

I wasn’t sleeping as well as I’d like to. I’d wake up typically 4 times through the night. I know Dr. Bill is a Trivedi Effect healer with scientific publications which is why I contacted him. There is scientific proof of his abilities. I found after receiving his energy transmissions that my waking up during the night was reduced. I also found his energy transmissions to be calming. He’s caring, professional, empathic and I enjoy our phone conversations. He’s great to work with.

Judy S., Connecticut

I had just experienced my first major death, my back was out, my hamstrings were tore in 3 different places and I felt desperate. I looked into alternative healing and found Dr Bill. I had no idea what to expect, just knew it was meant for me to see him. So grateful I did. The PURE LOVE that radiates from him is beautiful and healing. He has been sending me healing love for 9 months now and I am AMAZED at the power. Dr Bill and his wife came into my place of work and the love they left all of us was even more amazing…..Thank You Dr. Bill for sharing your gifts.

Sara E, St. Louisville, OH
Meeting Dr. P changed my life completely. I am 23 years old, and just moved to Columbus, OH in January 2019 from my home, and college, on the east coast for a new job that I was not completely thrilled about starting in the first place. To be honest, I was dreading leaving my friends, family, and familiar atmosphere. Both the move and the job brought extremely high levels of stress and sadness, almost to the point where I quit everything (which would’ve put me in an even more difficult situation). My mother was searching for something that would help me get through this period, and also help me work out a multitude of other issues I struggled with in the past that had caused me high levels of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Unlike the countless therapists I had tried before, Dr. P took a different and more universal approach to my healing that would address, and begin to heal, all the issues I was faced with in a very simple way. He sent me divine energy every night for about two months, and over that span of time we developed a close relationship. He was always there for me, sending me daily reminders of what I needed to do to create peace and happiness in my life, and he became a constant presence that I cherished, and always will. I have now come out of that extremely difficult 4 months a completely different person in the best way possible. Dr. P showed me the way to re-invite God back into my life by taking a few simple, daily mantras to heart, and changing my mindset. I am completely blown away by my experience, and by the person I’ve become after allowing the divine energy to guide my life. I came to Ohio a shell of myself, but through the energy transmissions, and Dr. P’s unwavering reassurance and advice, I feel better, and more like myself than I have in 10 years. I would highly recommend his amazing and unique services to anyone going through a difficult period with little to no hope for the future, or really for anyone looking to make a positive change and get back on the road to their true self and purpose. I do not have enough good things to say about my experience with Dr. P! Magical and transformational in the best ways imaginable.
Olivia P, Columbus, OH