Have you ever thought how words are created? Don’t they define something that already is? Something is already in form and then words are created for the benefit of those who have not had the experience of whatever the words describe.

Let’s say I wish to invite you to walk with me. I could silently get your attention and begin walking and motion you to follow. If you are familiar with the hand motions, etc., you might follow me. The words “let’s walk” constitutes a shortcut if we agree upon the meaning of the words, which might have been created after several failed attempts for companionship on a walk in the woods.

For the words to be effective in conversation, it requires agreement on the meaning of the experience behind the words. It really gets complicated if those conversing speak different languages.

Do you begin to see how important the experience behind a word is when discussing words like “truth”?

If there is a common association through experience, then there is accord between us in the meaning of the word.

Some people say “well this is my truth”. What does that phrase mean? There are two key words here – “my” and “truth”. The word “my” tends to narrow, or restrict the word “truth”. This is complicated by meanings that traverse two different dimensions, such as this three-dimensional world and another dimension. In short, “my” refers here to a living three-dimensional form. The question is…what dimension are we referring to? What if two dimensions are encompassed in one living three-dimensional form?

To complicate matters more, what if the two living components of the one three-dimensional living form did not communicate freely with each other, and/or they spoke different languages? Or what if one component of this dual living entity could only speak through the three-dimensional aspect of the duality? How would you know which aspect of the duality was speaking? What if the aspect that could speak only through the other aspect had actually created the one who speaks? And what if the aspect who speaks is actually born unaware of the presence of the companion who created it?

Throw the word “truth” into that mix and you really have a communication quagmire. Let’s just give this duality a name – “human being”. So any dialog between two human beings is really a dialog between four entities joined in such a way that they appear on this three-dimensional level to be two entities. Wow…is this getting complicated or what?

Now add to the mix that the experiences of the creator aspect of this living duality cover all of eternity, while the experiences of the created aspect cover only the few years of its three-dimensional life span. But the consciousness of the created entity was designed to traverse the two dimensions, and then communicate with the creator entity. In that state of consciousness a dialog between the two entities was possible.

That relationship went on for a long time, perhaps for thousands of years, and then at some point the created entity decided to terminate communication with the creator entity and everything changed so that we have the confusing state that now exists on earth.

So, back to what is “truth” and is there any truth to these words I have written? You, your experiences – your living – will determine the meaning of these words for you, and whatever you decide is okay. We could even talk about it, without an argument if we honored each other’s reality. Reality is! I don’t determine it for you, and you don’t determine it for me, but when our realities match, we are in accord.

What is the truth of “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free”? Perhaps we could discuss these things – and there are dozens and dozens more examples on which to focus attention. There is no right or wrong in such dialog, but there could be matching or resonant realities that could be discussed to assist you along your path to recognition of your true self…that self which includes the spirit that created you and knows your potential and LOVES you beyond what WORDS can define.