This little guy or gal is more than he or she knows.

Let’s look at the process of human birth.

Consider this Spiritual Embryology 101.

The ovum (egg) is fertilized by a sperm cell that lines up on the ovum in such a way that a variety of chemical reactions transpire and the ovum opens a door, so to speak, and lets the sperm in.

The electrical characteristics of the ovum then change so that another sperm cannot enter.

Instructions are already coming to the fertilized ovum from the invisible realm to continue development of the new life. There are now physicists who state that the instructions are coming from an energy field, or aura.

These instructions to the developing infant that are carried out perfectly by the developing cells.

Could this be the beginning of a Paradise experience within each of our bodies?

No arguments or complains – at this point there is just response to what could be called Divine directions.

This is the way it is unless there is some insult (chemical, physical, etc.) that interferes with the transmission of instructions.

So we start from a point, so to speak, as a dot of about 1/100 of an inch in diameter.

All of these cells are coming from the earth’s atomic pool and are immediately in touch with cosmic intelligence, and the instructions just keep coming.

Even if the body is damaged, or a limb is lost later, that original energy outline of it is still there in its undamaged original form with potential for regeneration.

Up to this point, if there has been no insult that interferes with this communication, the developing fetus has responded to and been surrounded by nothing but Divine impulses.

Mankind can and does change the pattern that is coming out of the invisible realm once those cells are affected by circulation through the umbilical cord of the mother – but the message of creation for each ovum has not changed. Granted the world pattern is not a reflection of that original pattern, but it could be once we know the truth of who we are.

The fetus just grows and grows from here on, but aberrant influences and hereditary junk can enter now.

The basic vibration or motion that is begun at conception has continued, but is now a mixed expression in our three dimensional bodies.

The individual Divine presence is orchestrating this event and continues its presence with (or in) us and gives us birth and continues to provide us with the breath of life.

Thus, we each experience this virgin aspect of our birth.

The pulsation of spirit can be felt in the newborn, as well as the adult.

So, my sense of reality is that God Beings were incarnate with us sometime in the distant past. We had a sense of the presence of those Beings which gave us the breath of life and we communicated with them freely – that was called Paradise.

Those Divine Beings are still committed to us and continue to give us the breath of life, even though we have turned a deaf ear to their energy. I think it is through their dedication that mankind has survived up to this point on the planet.

The power of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s teachings, Divine energy transmissions (Trivedi Effect), his Healing Masters Program, etc., have provided the stimulus that has brought me to a level of resonance with my inner Being I have never before experienced. I feel I am finally beginning to express my Divine destiny.

The following represents the concise words of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi on one of his monthly discourses:

“There are two different paths in this world. One is a path of control and this expresses through the ego, which is your greatest enemy. Energies can and do attach to the ego, and they express lies which lead to death. This is the path of 99.9% of human beings on this planet.

The other path is the path of CARING. This is the path of your inner spirit, the DIVINE power of LOVE that gives you breath every moment. This is the voice of truth and wisdom. It is the only means by which you can develop your Divine destiny. That spirit created you and it knows your potential. It knows the part that only YOU can play in this life and gives you the breath to do it. It doesn’t try to control, it only encourages you to allow it to express. No lies only truth.

Life or death are the choices!